Movie of the Day – Six-String Samurai

Kind of keeping with the theme of music movies, today’s is going to be about a little diamond in the rough that is mainly a cult classic to some and just another trash movie by others.  While this movie is about some absurd quest to find the new King of Rock and Roll, it is comedy that centers around the musical movements of our time and does so in a funny way.  Six-String Samurai is more of a comedy action film than anything else.  The movie is cult classic by the very definition and some either love it or hate it.  The movie has a certain charm to it through all the absurdness and terribly acted parts, but it’s a fun post-apocalyptic ride through the barren wasteland wielding a sword and a guitar.

Six-String Samurai is about a quest for the new King of Rock and Roll.  In 1957 the Russians nuked the US and made the country a wasteland.  There is one place resisting the take over of Russian control, Lost Vegas.  Lost Vegas is ruled by the King himself, Elvis and he is deathly ill during his rule of Lost Vegas.  One day, the King has died and a radio broadcast was sent out across the land to find a man worthy enough to take over as King.  A man named Buddy, who is to resemble Buddy Holly, makes his way to Lost Vegas along with his sidekick Kid.  Their journey is a perilous one with numerous gangs and ultimately his greatest foe, Death.  Death is out to destroy Rock and Roll and all those that dare take the throne.  Buddy must slice and dice his way through all foes to take the throne.

The movie is one of those cheesy, B-movie movies.  I like to harken this film as something that the Troma company would come out with since they are known for the absurd, cult status movies they make.  I guess comparing Six-String to other Troma pictures is why I still remember this throw-away of a movie.  It has just the right amount of kitschy, absurd dialogue and premise that it sticks with you. Sure the acting is bad and the movie is more of a means to showcase young action star Jeffrey Falcon to show off his sweet moves, but damn is it a fun little ride.

The action sequences are what really stand out from the movie.  You got solid sword play along with a good mix of kung fu and playful homages to other film genres.  While the action might be the center piece, the movie is actually kind of interesting when you look at it from a musical perspective.  You have the main hero who looks like Buddy Holly and was the symbol of the birth of Rock n’ Roll.  He is on his way to claim the throne left by Elvis, but encounters numerous gangs that mirror other genre’s of music.  You got a country-western band, mariachi, hip hop, and other cultural icons.  Heck Buddy even fights a guy who looks like Richie Valens.  Death is more of the grunge, hard rock scene as he resembles Slash in his fancy garbs.  Death is on his way to kill Rock and Roll, which is reported to have died when Buddy, Richie and Richardson all died in that tragic plane crash.

The message of the movie, sad to say there is one, is that Rock and Roll music never dies.  Even when confronted with the final showdown with death, Rock and Roll will live on no matter what happens.  It’s a pretty cool premise and way to express the love of Rock and Roll to people.  The Day the Music Died was a tragic event, but it wasn’t the end of music as we know it.  This movie is kind of a take on that notion from the event and ran with it.  In the end, they created a fun, interesting movie with good action and B-Movie fan appeal.  For a film lover like me, that’s all I need to enjoy a movie.

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