Movie of the Day – It Might Get Loud

While I am a movie lover first and foremost, I do love music as well.  Yeah I know everyone likes music so this isn’t some sort of revelation, but when the two can be combined into a documentary or biography of a musician, I tend to notice more.  So while a musical documentary is something right up my alley, I do appreciate a story more about the music than the people.  So with It Might Get Loud, this isn’t so much a story of musicians, but rather a reflection on the guitar and what it meant for three iconic guitarists.

It Might Get Loud brings together three different icons in the music industry, renowned for their guitar playing ability.  Jimmy Page, most known for his work in Led Zepplin, The Edge from U2 and Jack White from the White Stripes.  Each bring a back story to what got them into music and how the iconic instrument propelled them in to their own fame.  While they discuss about their back story and history, the guitar is the center piece.  Each bring a different style to playing the guitar and “The Summit” ends with these three legends collaborating for an acoustic set.

What is fascinating about the movie is that each story centers around the musicians love of their instrument.  While a guitar is just a guitar at first glance, it is how it is wielded by each musician that makes it iconic.  The guitar is only as important as their owner, as we are given insight into what drives them to produce their own unique sound.  The Edge uses pedals to manipulate the sound of the guitar to give him that signature sound.  Jack White looks for the imperfection in striping down the instrument and getting the raw sound from the simplest strings.  Jimmy Page takes the guitar to the limits, putting the instrument itself and placing it into different locales to get different sounds produced from the guitar.

It is all about seeing what makes the three musicians tick.  Each are defined by their respective use of guitar and seeing them riff about their playing style is like watching a couple of old timers talking about days gone by.  Each have a deep respect for one another and while all come from a different play style, the guitar is what binds them together.

If you are a guitarist, musician, lover of music, or even like any one of the musicians in the movie, this is a fantastic documentary.  Each brings a special love and insight into the musical life of a guitarist and what drives them to produce the sound that makes them famous.

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