Trailers of the Week – Red State & Knights of Badassdom

Two more trailers to get you excited for upcoming movies.  Decided to pull the Comic-Con trailer for Knights of Badassdom!  The other trailer is for Kevin Smith’s upcoming Red State, his independently financed, produced and distributed film which I got the pleasure of seeing when he came to Kansas City on his roadshow tour.  I will give a review on the movie when it comes out again and the final version is screened.  Let’s do this…

Red State:

The teaser above was the first glimpse into the latest Kevin Smith project, one that essentially unlike any of Smiths previous movies and really showcases that he can direct something other than two people talking about pussy.  I digress, the movie is, in short, incredible.  The cut I was able to see at the Midland showing was just so unique to what he has typically done that you aren’t sure if you are watching a Kevin Smith movie.  Dynamic camera angles, erratic tracking shots, and action and violence.  Nothing like his past movies, so this is why the movie just sticks out to us.

The movie is essentially a horror/action movie where the villains are a fanatical group of religious zealots, based on the Phelps family in Topeka, KS.  Red State follows three, young men who are trapped in this religious compound trying not to get killed by the church members and also not getting shot by the Federal Agents who just outside the compound gates.  I can’t wait to see if there were any changes done to the movie to make it a bit tighter, but given he has made some utterly outside his typical wheelhouse, I say keep it as is.   The newest trailer, instead of the teaser trailer, can be found here from Ropes of Silicon.

Knights of Badassdom:


Movie of the Day – Serenity

Calling all Browncoats, you know the words, sing along!

Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don’t care, I’m still free
You can’t take the sky from me
Take me out to the black
Tell them I ain’t comin’ back
Burn the land and boil the sea
You can’t take the sky from me
There’s no place I can be
Since I found Serenity
But you can’t take the sky from me…

You know what’s coming, lets all rustle up some grub and I will tell the tale of a group of space cowboys and some young killing machine and  how they took on the Alliance!

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Your Generic Summer Movie List Part 3

Well now that the summer is into its final stretch with the August release schedule, to be honest, August doesn’t have a really strong release schedule.  We typically see weaker films trying to scrap the last of the summer crowd before going back to school or back from vacation.  August releases always seem to draw a lot of movies that have had production issues and distribution problems that get them relegated to the month of August.  While there are a few gems to be had, most just seem like quick cash grabs and don’t really excite most movie goers.  There seem to be a handful of horror movies, a remake of a classic movie (in my opinion) and some comedy movies.  So lets see what should be worth a look this August.

The Whistleblower:

An intriguing story line, early talk of some award buzz apparently for Rachel Weisz, this sort of seems like another Constant Gardener style movie.  The subject matter has makes a tense movie, with Weisz playing a Nebraska cop who uncovered a sex scandal in the UN and her efforts to bring justice to those who were effected.  It is in limited release, but I am betting that it will make a wider release in September.


If you go back and read the last trailer of the week post, I gave this movie some unbelievable love as this movie looks gorgeous and the story seems fascinating and unique.  A unique visual style and a touching story, this has been getting tons of praise from most major film blogs and my excitement is growing.  As soon as this is released at my local theater I am there.  No questions about it.

30 Minutes or Less:

Danny McBride, Nick Swardson, Aziz Ansari, and Jesse Eisenberg in an R-rated comedy about two guys using a pizza delivery guy to rob a bank for them while chaotic shit happens all around them.  Yeah I am there.


Something something, Luc Besson directing, something something Zoe Saldana in a catsuit as a hitman, something something where do I send my check for this movie.

That is it for the month of August, I guess if you really don’t like my list, you can go watch Fright Night or Spy Kids 4 in smell-o-vision, maybe see that lame looking Conan reboot.  Hell you might want to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but let me just post this trailer and save you the trouble of seeing the movie since it tells you the entire plot of the movie and practically the ending.

Movie of the Day – Quiz Show

People who know me, well enough I guess, know that I love trivia.  I help organize a trivia competition at work, take part in trivia games when applicable, but all around I guess I just feel the need to use this hodge podge of knowledge that I have accumulated over the years.  Whether it is about pop culture, history, science, or even movies (my favorite), I enjoy a good intellectual workout from quizzes and trivia.  So today’s selection was an easy one, not only is it about a the television show “Twenty-One” but also about the scandal that took place behinds the scenes of the show.  The movie also has incredible performances from Ralph Fiennes and John Turturro which also makes for an enjoyable experience.  So why is this a favorite movie of mine?  (You don’t have to guess honestly)

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Movie of the Day – Once in a Lifetime

Now this isn’t about the Talking Heads song by the same name, this is about a documentary that was on my radar and then fell off for some reason.  Probably lost track of it since it didn’t come to a theater near me so I just plain forgot about it.  Well thanks to Netflix for the recommendation as I saw it on the UI dashboard and immediately watched it.  Once in a Lifetime is about this “weird” time in America when Soccer was the biggest thing around.  As much as Americans love to deride Soccer and how boring and lame it is, there was a time during the 70s when it was the sport to be watching.  The phenomenon all started from one team and one superstar that changed the landscape of sports and how we viewed the game of Soccer.

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Movie of the Day – Superfly

I am in a bit of groovy mood tonight and that is because I was out having a few beer, but mainly because I need to find a calm place this evening after a hectic work week.  So the post tonight is going to be fairly mellow, but it gives me an excuse to post a movie that I enjoy, from a genre that spawned some killer soundtracks.  I am talking about the landmark Blaxploitation movie Superfly.   If you have never seen the movie, well I am sure you have heard of the soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield, you know the one I am talking about.  I do enjoy Blaxploitation movies, heck I gave a massive amount of praise to Black Dynamite which was one of the best homages to the genre out there.  Superfly covers a lot of the elements that Black Dynamite incorporated into the movie.  So aside from the groovy tunes of Curtis Mayfield, Superfly does hold an interesting place in the halls of cinema.

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Movie of the Day – The Good the Bad the Weird

Time to combine two of my favorite things into one post, westerns and Korean cinema.  How is that even remotely possible, well considering the Korean cinema is already leaps and bounds ahead of Hollywood films, having them take a stab at genre bending themes isn’t a big stretch.  Kim Ji-woon makes yet another appearance on my blog after his most recent movie I Saw The Devil and now we get to witness his stab at the spaghetti western genre with not one or two, but three of my favorite Korean actors sharing the same screen in a homage to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Song Kang-ho from The Host, JSA, and Memories of Murder plays the weird character Yoon Tae-goo.  Lee Byung-hun (A Bittersweet Life, JSA, and I Saw The Devil) plays the devilish bad character named Park Chang-yi.  Last is Jung Woo-sung (Musa and The Restless) plays our good character named Park Do-won.  All three of these incredible actors and a icon director all coming together for a Korean westerns is probably the greatest thing since Peanut Butter and Jelly in the same jar.  Here’s the reasons why…

The Good

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Movie of the Day – Hard Candy

When we go to the movie, we are there to be entertained or informed.  So often we get more entertainment than deep subject studies, that sometimes we don’t realize that movies are meant to push a social boundary that we don’t discuss openly.  Most of the movies that dare to go into the darker edge of society are usually disregarded and pushed under other film releases.

A small film released in 2005 looked to tackle a subject matter that, well, frightens people.  A movie about a supposed encounter between an online sexual predator and a young 14 year old girl.  Hard Candy took this concept of online predators and crafted a tense psychological thriller that is chilling and down right frightening.  A movie that takes the young innocent being preyed upon and flipping it on its head, where the young girl is out to trap the predator.

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Movie of the Day – O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I wanted to write about a movie that was not only a unique retelling of a centuries old story, but also has a rather catchy soundtrack.  Alright, it’s really about the soundtrack, the retelling of an old story is just a bonus, but how can you deny the charm that O Brother, Where Art Thou?  One of my favorite Coen Brothers film, they were able to take an old tale of Homer’s Odyssey and place it during the 1930’s around the time of the Great Depression.  The film follows the travels of 3 brothers who escaped from a chain gang and set out to retrieve some stolen cash that was hidden before their incarceration.

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Movie Review – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Over the past 10 years, we have been treated with a cinematic delight based off of a world-wide book series called Harry Potter.  In 10 years we have had 8 films based off the series.  In total, there is an estimated $7.2 Billion generated world-wide from this series.  Like all good things, there is an end to be met with this series.  It is rare to find a series of films that has grown with the audience over time.  Each film has gotten progressively grown up and dives deeper into the Potter stories.  It doesn’t compromise and turn them into kid fares, but rather the movies grew with their audience.  We watch a young Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson grow and mature before our eyes.  The young cast started out in a whimsical setting of Hogwarts where we were introduced to the world of wizards and witches.  With each movie, that bright luster starts to fade and the magic becomes darker and the character are no longer kids.

The final chapter in the series ends where it all began over a decade ago.  There is a lot invested in the final film of the series.  All the characters, all the stories, and all the buildup to the end is laid out for us in Part 2 of the Deathly Hallows.  I have been a fan of the series since the beginning and seeing this general progression in the series tone and subject matter is fascinating.  I have watch the characters grow older, the tone grow darker and that slow push to the final confrontation is what we have all been waiting for.  So does the final act of the series live up to the build up that audiences have been waiting a decade to see?  If you read the book series, then you already know what to expect.  For fans of the film, it is about having a solid closure to the series.  Overused phrase up ahead…lets make magic!

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