Movie of the Day – Heima (revisited)

It is a bit odd and rare that I decided to come back to my 3rd post to the site when it started back in April.  There is a particularly good reason that I did since Heima is a documentary/concert movie that I can never truly escape from.  Sigur Ros decided to re-release Heima once again through digital distribution.  Since I am part of the fan club and mailing list, I was clued in that there were going to be some new things added to the release.  Knowing this, I went back to review what I had originally posted and felt compelled to watch it again.  I can honestly say that rewatching Heima is like watching it for the first time again and again.

Checking through the Heima site, I came across a special section for those that have bought the dvd years before when it was released.  If you uploaded an image of yourself holding up the dvd, you would get access to five unreleased tracks and scenes that were left off in the original release.  So I took  my picture and sent them an email.  Couple hours later I got my redeem code for the tracks and immersed myself in the sounds of Sigur Ros.

Hopefully the site will get updated and I can see myself amongst the wall of other Sigur Ros fans.  I am going to keep this short and post the a few video clips, for those that may not have heard of them.  I am also re-posting the original blog article that I wrote.  Keeping things mellow and easy tonight.  The new digital release and new tracks helped rekindle my admiration of this band.

Original Post:

I guess I am on a music documentary kick lately.  After the Buena Vista Social Club, I broke out my copy Sigur Ros’ documentary Heima, for some musical enjoyment.  For me, nothing beats listening to Sigur Ros.  I place them in my top 10 artists, solely for the fact that I get lost in their music time and time again.  So as a fan, it was natural that I would gravitate towards this concert/music documentary.  I mean I have seen them in concert twice and then caught Jonsi when he went on tour solo a year back.

Heima follows Sigur Ros as they travel through their homeland, Iceland, to perform a series of surprise and free concerts.  Here we get glimpse of Iceland set to Sigur Ros music, which just enhances the ethereal sound that they produce.  The vistas that you see of Iceland are breathtaking.  The music and scenery just compliment one another so well that you forget that you are watching a musical documentary and more like a Planet Earth special.

I loved listening to the interviews that the somewhat quiet and reclusive band members gave during the film.  To hear them talk about the people and beauty of Iceland is moving, in that this is what influences them to do what they do.  The backdrop of Iceland in their open air concerts is just something to get lost in.  This documentary is a think of beauty and is something that must be watched.

… words to describe

This film is available to rent through Netflix, sadly no Instant Watch.  But if you are a big Sigur Ros fan, do yourself a favor and buy this.  It is a two disc set, disc one being  the film itself and the second disc contains full length videos of individual song performances.  To end this, Heima in Icelandic means “at home”, which is really what watching this Sigur Ros documentary does for you, makes you feel at home.

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