Trailers of the Week – Take Shelter and The Descendants

Two more trailers to grace your senses, one staring George Clooney (sooo dreamy, I mean awesome, AWESOME) and another trailer from a film that is getting nothing but huge critical buzz from most of the film sites I frequent.  Get excited and get both the movies on the your radar.

Take Shelter:

Plagued by a series of apocalyptic visions, a young husband and father questions whether to shelter his family from a coming storm, or from himself.

So far, Cinematical and Ain’t It Cool News are both giving this movie high marks and while it is only Jeff Nichol’s second movie, this looks spectacular.  Now some people might know about my affinity for apocalyptic movies and for those that don’t, this is right up my ally.  The trailer got me hooked into this story about a man preparing a for a disaster that might not even be there. I do enjoy Michael Shannon a lot for his numerous roles in Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead, The Runaways, Tigerland and 13.  So this movie already has my money.

The Descendants:

Alexander Payne finally comes back with another full length feature.  While I did enjoy his segment in Paris, Je T’Aime and his work on the series Hung, I kind of miss his movies since Sideways was his last feature.  The story is about George Clooney’s character having to reconnect with his daughters after their mother died.  While the teens do their typical, condescending tone to their dad about his parenting, the matter is complicated further by the bombshell that their mother was having an affair.

I enjoy watching Clooney films.  You have to admire that he will do a big budget picture and then take that money to produce and director other small indie flicks.  He did the Ocean’s films and then goes off to do Syriana, Michael Clayton and The Good German.  Teamed with Alexander Payne, this looks to be strong emotional drama.

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