Movie of the Day – The Aristocrats

This will be a short post, mainly because this documentary doesn’t need a lot of set up or delivery.  Vulgarity is something that is off putting to a lot of people.  For me, not so much since I swear and can be rather vulgar at times.  But I am not doing this just for the lulz, but rather I enjoy seeing peoples reaction to having sometimes infantile, juvenile humor.  So when a documentary touts that this is about the single more profane and iconic jokes that a comedian can come up with, I am in it for the long haul.

The premise is a simple one, take the biggest names in comedy and have them all talk about the one singular joke that defies convention.  Have them tell the joke in their style and watch the general vulgarity fly.  The comedians all give their little twist to the joke and talk about the history of how they came to know of this joke.  Often times, the jokes are hilarious and brilliant considering the off the cuff remarks that they make when telling the joke.  Other times, you feel icky and revolted at such a joke that you can’t imagine anyone finding the humor in it.

I enjoyed the documentary, mainly because they were able to pool such an incredible line up of comedians to retell the joke and each put their own little flair to the joke.  Pushing things to their limits is what this is all about, whether they want to blow your mind with the amount of vile things that take place in the joke or to get you to laugh the absurdity of it.  I am going to say right now, if you have vulgar, lewd, obscene, tasteless comedy, then don’t watch this.  If you are curious as to what sort of power one joke has, then watch it.

Enjoy folks!

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