Movie of the Day – The A-Team

I am in the mood for destruction and action, so let’s break out The A-Team.  As far as action movies go, this is one of my favorites.  I don’t care that it is based off of a television show that showed not one single, solitary henchman getting shot, but damn is it entertaining and funny as well.  And really, that’s all that matters in life, a little action and some laughs.

The A-Team, a movie about an elite group of army rangers, all brought together by chance and carry out clandestine acts of counter-terrorism all in the name of America.  While out on one last mission for an old friend (cliche coming up), they were set up to take the fall for the killing of their General friend and the loss of the money plates they just recovered.  Sentenced for a crime they didn’t commit, they were held in separate prisons only to have a plan to get their names cleared and complete the mission.  So they breakout, form up and take on those who set them up.

*Cue the A-Team music*

I think why this is such a good movie to me is that director Joe Carnahan assembled a fantastic group of actors to basically come on screen and have fucking good time.  Everything clicks in this movie, down from the witty banter, snide humor, and the cohesion that each character has for one another.  It makes the movie have this natural and organic feeling that these men have been through some shit, but come out smiling and laughing as if it was another day in the office.

When I heard that Liam Neeson was going to play Hannibal Smith, I was hooked.  I love seeing Neeson play action stars with a Jedi like mentality.  He was great to watch in Taken as a badass, played an amazing villain in Batman Begins and chew the scenery in Clash of the Titans.  I want to see him do more roles like this since we get to see him act out of his usual wheel-house.  Then you got Bradley Cooper as Face, the obvious pretty boy of the movie.  Cooper can do it all, action and comedy and along with Neeson, he looked like he was having the most fun on set.

There is one person who was a standout though and that is Sharlto Copley.  You might remember him from District 9 as Wickus, the main character of the movie, well he gets to play Mad Man Murdock in his second feature film.  Sharlto is just awesome to watch and he has that crazy eye look that Murdock has in the series.

Joe Carnahan doesn’t get a lot of credit for what he has done.  He made Narc which was a great police thriller.  Smokin’ Aces was just this balls out action movie that interesting in the sense of mayhem and carnage that he could come up with.  The A-Team is just the sort of movie that requires his approach to action.  He got a big studio budget, interjected some really funny wit into the movie and it all meshed together.  It’s sad that the movie didn’t do as well as it did.  There isn’t going to be a sequel but considering how Hollywood is continuing sequels and franchises, I am sure that it will get picked up again

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One Response to Movie of the Day – The A-Team

  1. Frank Bishop says:

    It was a guilty pleasure for me. I went into the theater reserved and thinking it would just be crappy, perhaps Micheal Bay has made me jaded? I was surprised and shocked to realize that I liked it, even though it was a guilty pleasure. I like Liam Neeson and Bradly Cooper a lot.

    Some of the story was kind of nebulous to me, as well as the action scenes ( navigating a tank in fall), but it was fun and didn’t pretend to be anything it wasn’t. I guess that is why I liked it and I didn’t nitpick it to death.

    If you want to see some nitpicking, lets talk about transformers 2.

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