Trailers of the Week – 50/50 and Showrunners

First, want to say thanks to the /Film for posting these trailers several days ago.  Their film blog is one my favorites and they also produce a stunning podcast that is a main staple of my listening time.  So two new trailers for people to get excited about this week.  Another Joseph Gordon-Levitt film (love his work) and a new documentary that I am really excited for since it also covers another great time waster of mine.


A cancer comedy?  I am already hooked since the movie star Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the subject matter is a dark comedy, two things that I truly enjoy.  It is interesting seeing a movie deal with the subject matter of cancer in a crude and funny way.  The synopsis of the movie about a young man who discovers he has an aggressive form of cancer and must come to gripes with the reality that he is a 50/50 shot at living through this.  The trailer is funny and thoughtful about the subject matter.  I am interested in seeing how this all plays out in the end, but early buzz has this movie as a hit.


I do love documentaries and this is one that gives us a little insight to the world running a network television show.  We all watch tv, unless you are one of those people that are smug about not owning a tv and must tell everyone about it.  We get it, you refuse to be mainstream and watch television, cool story bro.  Anyways I am fascinated with idea of getting to see what all goes into making a show.  It is rare when you can see the beginnings of making a show happen, from writing to production and to the final product that is put on television.  So far there have been some strong indications of solid performance at several film festivals and I eagerly await it’s nation wide release.

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