Movie of the Day – Taken

Since no one I know was taken up in the rapture, I decided to watch Taken just to be ironic with the title of the movie.  All kidding aside, Taken is a badass movie.  If you haven’t seen the movie, let me give you the cliff notes version of the movie:

Liam Neeson plays a retired CIA agent Bryan Mills who is wanting to reconnect with his young daughter.  So after getting upstaged at his daughters birthday party by his wife’s dick hole husband, Bryan leaves rejected and sad that he didn’t crush that mans windpipe.  Anyways, Bryan’s daughter asks to meet him for coffee, but that is more of an ambush to get him to sign a document that give permission for her to go to Europe for the summer.  Bryan has apprehensions and says, his wife gets pissy, he re-thinks and then says yes.  So lets cut to Kim (the daughter) and her friend Amanda arriving in Paris and meet some cheesy French guy who they don’t know, but willing share a cab ride with.  (quick side note, ladies, just because a guy has an accent, doesn’t make him friendly and safe)  At this point Kim and Amanda divulge that they are there alone in Paris at a cousins house and this French dude leaves them and phones in to his handlers or whatever.

Now the kidnappers come and break into the house, Kim calls her dad and she is kidnapped while still on the phone.  What happens next is the most frightening conversation to take place between Bryan and the kidnappers.  Basically he is going to come over there and murder them in person.  Bryan proceeds to head over to Paris and systematically take down an entire kidnapping ring single handed.

I always thought of Liam Neeson as kind of this dress picture actor.  I mean his past movies (excluding Rob Roy) weren’t necessarily heavy on the action nor him karate chopping motherfuckers like it was in style.  After watching Taken, and his subsequent role in “The A-Team”, Liam Neeson is more of an action star those that draw their paychecks just playing action stars (I think this statement makes sense).  Watching Neeson just dismantle thug after thug with ruthless and precise efficiency is both highly entertaining and scary.  He brings this bravado to his role as an ex CIA agent and you can get this flashes of his past life in the calculations that he makes when going after the kidnapping ring.

Taken is one hell of a movie.  Having the script written by Luc Besson sure as hell helps since he is able to write and pace out the story so tightly that movie itself just goes by.  Pierre Morel did a solid job in bringing this movie to life, which I expected since he directed the parkour heavy action movie “District B13”, so he has the chops to make an interesting action flick.  I still wish that Besson would have taken the directing helm but still Morel did an exemplary job.

If there is one thing, no, two things that Taken has taught me is that 1). don’t be a female and fly to Paris to trust some French dude who you just met and will divulge all your personal details about your trip because he has an accent and 2). don’t piss of Liam Neeson or you are going to have your throat karate chopped by him personally.

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