Movie of the Day – The Other Guys

I am really in the mood for a laugh, so this is going to be a softball of a movie choice for today.  After writing the article of Moviebarcode and analyzing color palettes in movies, I think I could go some chuckles.  So when I want some easy laughs, I go for Will Ferrell movies.  Now not all his movies are gold (fuck you Land of the Lost), but I mean come on, Talladega Nights, Anchorman, and Step Brothers, you can’t lose with any of these movies.  Great one-liners, an excellent supporting cast of comedians and surprisingly a solid story, The Other Guys is a solid comedy-action choice.

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg both turn in hilarious performances.  Both characters play low tier detectives wanting to fill roles of hotshot detectives after the alpha male detectives die in probably the funniest scene in the movie.  They take a case that starts out about a guy ducking a scaffolding permit and turns out that they stumble onto a huge and complicated financial heist.  The movie follows a lot of the standard police movie tropes, being taken off the case and solving it while not on the force.  The movie also revels in absurd action tropes like walking away from an explosion like most heroes do, relatively unscathed.  They are aware of the absurdity and mix it into the movie perfectly.

I am keeping this short since I am tapped with the previous article and I really want to watch this movie now and have a beer.  Ferrell and Wahlberg are a great comedy duo and they also have a stellar cast of supporting comedians to play off of.  Rob Riggle, Steven Coogan, Michael Keaton, and even Eva Mendes all play their parts perfectly and you can tell they had a fun time making this movie.

The Other Guys is available on Netflix Instant Watch, so click around my site to get my page views up and then go watch it.

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