Movie of the Day – Tron Legacy

There couldn’t have been a movie that was higher on my most anticipated 2010 list than Tron Legacy.  I am a huge fan of the original Tron because of the technical marvel that it was back in 1982.  Now mind you I was born in 1985, so it wouldn’t be until early 90’s before I got a chance to watch this movie on the Disney Channel at my Mexican Grandmothers house one day after school.  In between Telemundo and reruns of Sabado Gigante, I got a chance to watch some television and Tron blew my fucking mind.  I loved the look of the movie, the sound, the spectacle and dudes throwing frisbees at one another.  I even remember seeing the arcade cabinet at local roller rinks and playing the light cycle game.  So holding on to those precious childhood memories into my 20’s, my jaw fucking fell to the floor when I heard that they were doing a Tron sequel and that Daft Punk was scoring the movie.  Like two of your most favorite things in the world just decided to fuck and produce the most kick ass offspring ever.


Well jump to two years later and Tron Legacy is finally released into theaters.  Now this movie does have its pros and cons, some people love the movie while others feel that it doesn’t live up to the hype.  I am personally on the fence about the movie as I love the visual spectacle of the movie, but then again I didn’t find the story at all compelling.  In the end, I liked it for what it was.  Yes the story has heavy religious undertones, yes the acting and dialogue is not great, and yes in terms of overall execution it did miss its mark, but for me the visuals and sound were what captivated me.  Even looking back at the original I still the visual impressive.  This was 1982 for fucks sake!  This was by far and away ahead of its time and an ambitious move for Disney to make a grown up movie.  Rotoscoping, back-lit animation and computer visuals were just a foreshadowing to future techniques that would be improved upon.

old school
new school

Yeah the 1982 version looks like a kid decided to take a crayon to the film print when compared to the 2010 version, but screw it, I still love it.

So aside from the beautiful visuals and weak story telling, Tron Legacy has one thing going for it that is amazing, the score.  I love Daft Punk and the fact that they were brought in to score the movie is all the more better.  I loved the dark electronic feel of the score and it really just fit so well into the movie.  To me, Tron Legacy could have just been a Daft Punk music video and I would have been completely thrilled with that.  I bought the album as soon as it was available and even bought the Tron Legacy Reconfigured album as well.

right at home

So after all is said and done, Tron Legacy is a visually pleasing movie.  The story and acting left something to be desired and I half expected Jeff Bridges to make a White Russian during the movie and talk about rugs or something.  But for me it was like watching a movie grow before your eyes.  I remember Tron fondly and I find Tron Legacy to be enjoyable and well worth your precious time to watch.

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