Movie of the Day – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Time to start this blog off with one of my favorite movies of all time.  This one easily sits in my top 10 list and for good reasons.  Harrison Ford, the pulp comic feel, alligators at the bottom of a gorge (classic move) and open heart surgery!

I have always liked the Indy series, minus the Crystal Skulls although there are some redeeming qualities.  To me, the sense of scale and adventure that one archeologist gets into while globetrotting from one sacred site to the other is exciting to a young kid.  Indy is just a normal man encountering abnormal circumstances.  He is grounded in reality with his fears (snakes) and daddy issues.  Spielberg and Lucas did an amazing job in crafting a character that isn’t this God of a superhero, but rather a skilled human being.  Basically using the template of past pulp comic heroes, Doc Savage and Allan Quatermain, you create a strong imposing figure, someone to admire, but then strip them of superhero like qualities (utility belts and lazer beams).

Enough about Indy (for now), but on to the movie Temple of Doom.  A prequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark, this movie to me has more of the adventure feel than Raiders did.  Jumping from one exotic location to the next, dealing with black magic, and a more savage sense of fear stemming from the mystical cult in the movie.  This is also the most pulp comic movie of the series.  You see elements of Doc Savage comics, Johnny Quest (Indy’s sidekick Short Round supplementing Hadji) and Cult enemies.

The plot has Indy in India helping a small village retrieve some sacred stones and also looking into the disappearance of the villages children.  Heading to the Pankot Palace, Indy encounters a religious cult who deal in all sorts of scary things to young kids; child slavery, black magic and ripping people hearts out of their fucking chests!  Holy shit was that not the scariest thing ever.


Shit just got real

So Indy is then indoctrinated into the cult, Short Round snaps Indy out of the trance and then start the coolest theme park ride ever with mine carts.

This movie is still one of my favorites because of the mix of adventure, suspense, ripping out hearts, and Harrison Ford.  I can watch this movie time after time and still feel a sense of dread and excitement.  Dread from the predicaments that Indy gets into with the cult and final bridge scene.  Excitement from seeing Indiana overcome insurmountable odds as an everyman, if that everyman is versed in multiple languages, knowledge of all things mystical and religious and finally skilled in a bull whip.

The Man

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